Road Master Driving School can take you to your MVA driving test.

The fee to take your test in one of our cars starts at $120, and increases depending on which MVA you're going to and whether you need to be picked up. You might also want to schedule aprivate lesson before your test. Please call us at 240-770-5212.

To schedule a test at the MVA, . In the new window click 'Driver Skills Test'. You'll need to have your Learners Permit handy. If you need us to take you to the MVA for the test, call us at 240-770-5212.


Vehicle rental or Escort service fee: $150

Call us at least 24 hrs before the day of the test to book the use of one Of our reliable vehicle and be escorted by one of our friendly instructor to the venue of your test

Escort/Practice service fee : $200

Contact us at least 24 hrs before the day of your test to increase your Chance of success by taking advantage of the following offer:

- A certified instructor escort you at your driving test location
- 1 hr. Practice with the same instructor the day of the test
- Drive the same vehicle previously used for practice to take The driving skill test